Website design and creation

The largest site we have designed/developed was for the World Health Organisation. This site was for research throughout the world on sexually transmitted diseases. Clients were able to upload and download files in multiple languages and access the site from anywhere. This included over 125 multiple databases to enable the functionality the client required.

We have also created forums and graphics for a very diverse set of sites such as:

•  National hobby-based groups and individuals
•  Social housing
•  Automotive
•  Technical and medical companies
•  Construction
•  Recycling

E-shots and e-marketing can be styled to match your website and have full tracking facilities to enable you to see who opens the files and who clicks through to your main site.

The content management system we use can be fully customised with multiple entry levels, back-ups, search engine optimisation, forums and many other features which can all be produced to suit you and your users.

Our design features are set up in such a way that most of the sites we put together can be proofed offline and adapted until the main sites are ready to go live online.

Our screen-based editing system can be accessed from any kind of computer and needs very little training for users to update their own pages. The editing screen is simple and easy to use so that multiple users can access the site at the same time.

Our websites are designed in such a way that you can create unlimited numbers of pages and numerous sections. We can also create site maps that can be accessed easily by search engines. We can advise on copywriting and image creation too.

We can also create e-commerce based sites with online ordering and payment systems.

Sites can be backed up daily or hourly depending on requirements plus we can organise hosting if required.